Hello Adventurer!

My name is Leandro Rocha and you've arrived at my mad scientist lab.

I am a brazilian tabletop roleplayer that love internet and good initiatives. I support some rpg related projects through the web, sometimes working as webmaster and sometimes as a blog writer. I build this place to display the project that I am working on. I am not a developer neither a professional writer. I just like to help others when I have a free time. If you are looking for a project partner you arrived at right place. You can contact me throught the contact form at website footer.

Projects That I Support

These are some project that I support. Most are directed to the Brazilian tabletop roleplayers public.

Do you have dices?

Unfortunately not :(

I bought this domain sometime ago and after some months I started to receive messages from people interested in to buy dices. After some research I discovered that it was used by a dice reseller in the past. Although I have contact with some international dice manufacturers, the Brazilian tax and export burocracy turn impossible to sell dices. Maybe in a not far future this may become a reality.